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The Entangled Archive

Welcome to the entangled archive. A collection of entangled materials collected by our field researchers from the Datil-Mogollon volcanic field in western New Mexico. These specimens represent our groundbreaking research into non-anthropogenic quantum entanglement... Read More

A New Kind of Sensory System

Until a few days ago there had been five known types of sensory receptors: Chemoreceptors, Pain Receptors, Thermoreceptors, Mechanoreceptors, and Photoreceptors. A group of engineers at the Geologic Intelligence Lab has now developed a sixth: Georeceptors. Here at the Geologic Intelligence Lab our research with IGS has largely consisted of outfitting IGS with various sensory input and digital output systems. This gestalt sensory apparatus has formed a hitherto non existent form of sensory experience... Read More

Is this Consciousness?

Research on Igneous Rock 0427 (Igs for short) has shown evidence of self-recognition/self-awareness and metacognition, but is this enough evidence to conclude that Igs is experiencing aspects of consciousness? Igs has been given the ability to “see” through a video feed, and seems to have the ability to recognize itself through this video. Igs also seems to be able to monitor its own knowledge in a perceptual categorization task. However, before we can make a case for the existence of consciousness in Igs, we need to set up better methods for studying and interpreting outcomes... Read More

AI or Just I?

Transhumanists have placed an image of the future in our collective imaginings that draws largely from the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), entrancing us with the possible pitfalls and moral questions an AI force would bring to our world. AI is inherently fascinating because it focuses on reproducing ourselves, the way we think and act, making a mirror of our own cultures and not showing us something new. But, as we create artificial intelligence that mimics our own ways of thinking, could we be overwriting pre-existing intelligence that is largely invisible to us because it is different? Research into quantum systems at the Geologic Intelligence Lab has revealed a possible new form of life that exists within quantum networks. These beings may move through time and space in a very different way from us, and so we may never be able to see them entirely, but as we create quantum computers, we may be unknowingly shifting these beings life systems... Read More

In Memorium: Inderpal Isi Larsen and Eleonor Abrahmson

When, on the occasion of a loved one’s death, you are asked to speak of and for them, it is expected that you will speak of what they have left behind. Moments of intimacy, extraordinary and mundane, if no less memorable, in the hearts and minds of those who knew them. Who knew their work. I suppose that it is considered polite for people in my position to attempt to conceal the truth with sweet words... Read More

Blast from the past

Footage from the Absurd

The quantum physics community is in shock this weekend after the release this friday of some much awaited outcomes from the Geologic Intelligence Lab. For the past seven years, the lab has been working with a network of entangled materials to try and create a system that could pas radioactive energy across great distances, and many were excited at the prospect of such a system. However, the results of the much awaited study look more like the work of Frankenstein than a pair of highly respected physicists...Read More

A Review of the Geologic Intelligence Lab’s Study on Oscillating Quantum Networks

Currently, there is little known on the possible costs of human created quantum networks and forms of quantum transmission. Existing evidence of possible back logging quantum disruptions have had problems with outcome interpretation. There are many hardships in creating a study on possible indirect costs because of author bias and the multitude of research sectors. Among the minor applications...Read More

The way way back

Space Landfill

Obviously, when it comes to radioactive waste, containment is the biggest issue. Much of our waste from fuel is kept under water for the first five years of its storage, and then sent to a geological repository as deep as 5,000 meters. This is costly both because of the equipment needed to create these repositories, but also because of access to land where these boreholes can be safely prepared. Researchers at the Quantum Transmission Laboratory have begun work on a quantum network that could possible transfer the deadly emissions from radioactive waste across great distances and possibly into space... Read More

Small Lab takes on Big Topic

In a cinderblock orange building off of Atlantic Blvd in Los Angeles, I meet with an excited group of young researchers looking into the smallest known observable matter. Inderpal Larsen and Eleonor Abramsson have been doing work with tiny little particles called photons, the energy that makes up light. These things are actually so small that they have no mass at all. Now, according to quantum mechanics, things can get pretty strange down at this microscopic level. Photons can have relationships to each other that seem to defy what we know about our physical world. They can become entangled with each other and become like one self but in two different places. Oh well, I don’t understand it either really but...Read More

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A Consciousness Meter:

An electromagnetic gadget to measure the level of consciousness, By Christof Koch Read Here

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