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Spooky Movement on an Arizona Plateau

Over the last 13 years our researchers have been monitoring a SPOOKY movement of rocks in the Datil-Mogollon Section in New Mexico. This volcanic field was created 30 million years ago when two hot cauldrons of magma simultaneously erupted. We believed that these two cauldrons may have both become very hot at the same moment, hot enough to send their atoms into the Rydberg state. At that moment two networks of entangled atoms may have been formed so simultaneously that they became entangled at a distance. Then those atoms would have erupted, creating a large area of entangled materials all interacting with each other, spreading and then settling into a mostly local form.

Over the past year we have seen a change in the movement of the rocks on the plateau. Instead of following the paths we would have expected for an average amount of erosion, they have tripled their speed and in some cases reversed their direction. Their is some new force acting on these rocks that is changing their local momentums, and yet, keeping their collective momentum at zero, as we see with entangled networks.